Installation Instructions for MERCEDES-BENZ EWA net

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1. Open the contents of the disk.


2. Run the file "start.html".


3. Allow blocked content.


4. Aswer Yes.


5. Select the item: External retailer/workshop in the E.U. In the pulldown choose: Install EWA locally. Press OK.


6. Select Run.


7. Confirm Run.


8. If it is necessary, change the destination of the installation. Press OK.


9. Select the language you need.


10. The installation is complete.


11. In the menu "Start", in "Programs" find the folder "EWA net" and run the page "EWA net".


12. In the field User and Password write: admin. Press Log in.


13. In the field Old password input admin and below input the new password, which must not coincide with the old one (admin). Press OK.


14. On the left select the chapter "Server".


15. Select "Edit server license".


16. To the right of the inscription Current MAC address see your MAC address in the form: 001485С05В51

Go to this page and buy keys for your MAC address.

Send it by E-mail to the address: in the form:

Subject: Keys Request

Body of letter:

MAC: ...
PayPal Transaction ID: ...


And in the course of 48 hours receive the answer in the form:


17. Input the received keys in the apt fields and press Save license.


18. On the left select the chapter "Workshop" and in the field "Country" select any of them. Press Save.


19. Press OK



20. On the left select the chapter "Group" and in the column "Actions" press the pictogram.


21. Select the fields Like workshop license and press Save.


22. Press OK.


23. In the menu Start, in "Programs" find the folder "EWA net" and run the page "EWA Admin Tool".


24. Select the bookmark "EPC net" (WIS net) and press Install.


25. Choose the disk for installation. During the installation the program will ask you to input the second disk.



26. After the finish of the installation to run the EPC you should enter in the menu Start, in "Programs" - folder "EWA net" and run the page "EWA net". On the right you should select the section "Programs" and run the "EPC net".
The WIS net base is installed in the same way as from the paragraph 24, you should just select the chapter WIS net. The launching is also similar.